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About CircDeco

CircDeco, founded in Nashville in 2020, is an interior design studio with a mission to inspire a more thoughtful and sustainable approach to living and design.

Principal designer, Chelsea Conrad, has a design ethos intent on creating luxurious spaces with a mindful approach that is conducive to productivity and well being. Fascinated by the influence one’s immediate environment has on one’s mental state, Chelsea loves being able to shape a beneficial yet calming home. 

After witnessing the excessive waste produced by large corporations in the interior design industry, Chelsea was motivated to create an eco-friendly alternative. The name CircDeco comes from the point at which the renewable circular economy (Circ) meets the world of interior decor and design (Deco.) 

Based on the principles of thoughtful living, our design promise is to source products that are ethically made, well-loved or vintage, and offset carbon emissions. These additional steps increase an item's lifespan by making the most of products already in circulation. This process ensures each of our clients are provided with a space unique to them while promoting the well being of the planet along the way.

We believe beautiful climate-friendly interiors are within your reach, and we're here to make it happen.

"Forgo the immediate, embrace the lasting."
- Darryl Carter

circdeco_interior design_nashville_the contemporary acklen townhouse

"I saw the need to design consciously with our depleting resources in mind."

Chelsea Conrad


Chelsea grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California and realized early on the effect your surroundings have on your wellbeing and the importance of protecting the natural environment. 

Chelsea studied Interior Design and Interior Architecture at FIT and The Academy of Art University. She has a certificate in Data and Visualization from Vanderbilt University School of Engineering.


Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Vogue, Real Simple Magazine, Rue Magazine and Nashville Interiors.

circdeco_interior design_nashville_the contemporary acklen townhouse

"I always had a soft spot when it came to mother nature. This job melded creativity and care into one."

Astin Donovan


Originally from a small town on the coast of Connecticut, Astin made her way to Nashville after traveling the country as a Division 1 softball player and graduating with a degree in Criminology (she totally profiles our clients…kidding…kind of). 


Sporting a big imagination since a kid, creativity had always been an outlet. She decided to take a leap and move toward that inkling and pursue Graphic and Interior Design. And we quote, “thank goodness.”


She is the power behind our social media strategy, my boss Executive Assistant / therapist (at least until we have proper HR) and all around lovely force powering our daily processes. She literally does everything.

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