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"Forgo the immediate, embrace the lasting."
-Darryl Carter

About CircDeco

Chelsea M. Conrad started CircDeco after working years in the interior design industry under wasteful corporations. Seeing the mental gap between purchases made and the waste it creates Chelsea looked to encourage a more thoughtful living and design process through sourcing second-hand, vintage, locally made products and carbon offsetting. The name CircDeco comes from where the renewable circular economy (Circ) meets the world of interior decor and design (Deco.)

CircDeco_Sustainable Interior Design_Nashville, TN

CircDeco was born out of the need to design consciously with our depleting resources in mind.

Chelsea grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California and realized early on the effect your surroundings have on your wellbeing and the importance of protecting the natural environment. 

Chelsea studied Interior Design and Interior Architecture at FIT and The Academy of Art University. She has a certificate in Data and Visualization from Vanderbilt University School of Engineering.

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